Set Up Instructions 

If you choose to go for the silver or gold package set up is very simple and a full demo will be given when we drop off.

If you have cleared the space. You should allow about 10-15 minutes per guest. Taking it down is a lot quicker.

Below is a list of the easiest way we have found over the years

 Position all mattresses where you would like them in the room ensuring there is enough space for trays to go at the top end of bed and room for children to walk down the middle. If you are short of space you can place the trays on top of the mattress without the legs pulled out or put out once the kids are settled for the in night.

 Fit all mattresses with the fitted sheet.

 Take the blanket lay on the mattress and tuck under

 Put the pillow case on pillow and put pillow on the mattress (majority of children like to have there head out the top end where the breakfast bars are so they can see each other and chat etc.

 As our tents are CE Certified and already put together you just need to open them out and lift over the mattress.

 Hang the bunting in between the tents.

 Wrap the fairy lights around the tent frame twice each side is sufficient and tuck the battery pack underneath the mattress.

 Place the scatter cushions accordingly this is down to personal preference.

 Hang the chalk boards over the front cross of the tent frame. Would recommend you write the kids names on with the chalk provided before hanging them.

 Open up trays by turning them over on the floor and gently pressing the middle which will release the legs. Open both legs and when in correct position gently push down securing them in place

 Place a breakfast tray in front of each tent and place the tea light holder in the centre and pop in the battery operated tea light (switch this on at the bottom)

 Now your good to go, if you would share a photo of your set up with us we would really appreciate it.

 Any problems with any part of the set up please call your host that supplied your party. Details can be found via the contact page here

In the rare instance that you believe something is missing please call us immediately and we will do everything we can to rectify it.