Create A Unique Children's Party With Our Teepee Party Hire


You may have seen and heard about many different parties from your children and you’re probably wondering how you can make their birthday stand out from their friends parties. If you want to host a unique party unlike any your child has had before, Tiny Tents, The Super Sleepover Company can help you to create an amazing party experience.

From tents to Teepees, Tiny Tents is home to a huge selection of party accessories that can transform any room in your house into a magical party venue for your children and their friends. With branches situated in locations all across the UK, getting amazing Teepees delivered to your home has never been easier.

If you are creating a party for boys or girls, we have a huge selection of themed tents for you to choose from. If your son is football crazy, our football theme sleepover is the perfect choice for them. Or if you have a daughter that loves magical creatures, our unicorn sleepover party theme has you covered.

Create your child’s dream birthday party

If your child has always dreamed of having a sleepover party, we aim to make that a reality for them. One of our team can deliver all the tents and accessories straight to your home for easy set up.

From our silver package that includes tents, mattresses and pillows to our platinum package that includes a party package set up, you can create a party experience tailored to your child.

Host a unique sleepover party that your children will love with the help of Tiny Tents, The Super Sleepover Company.


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