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We can provide sleepover teepee tents around the UK for your slumber party. We have a large range of themed sleepover parties teepee tents to provide the children with a sleepover experience they’ll never forget. Give your children the sleepover party they deserve by booking your sleepover party now with Tiny Tents The Super Sleepover Company Ltd. We have three different packages to suit different budgets. 

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Tiny Tents The Super Sleepover Company Ltd has provided bespoke teepee slumber parties for children since 2016. Utilising a team to work right across the UK, we provide a catalogue of themed sleepover party Tent packages for children. From Unicorn to Army, we ensure to give your kids a slumber party that they’ll never forget.

We offer delivery within 10 miles free of charge of each location, this can be extended at a surcharge and subject to availability. 

For a magical slumber teepee tent party experience your children will never forget book your sleepover party now by , contacting Tiny Tents The Super Sleepover Company Ltd. 
Our sleepover teepee slumber tent packages are available to hire right across the UK.